After years of friendship, in the beginning of 2017, Jake Caron and Alex Gauvin decided to start the formation of a band. At first bringing in drummer Daniel Kulik and shortly after Andrew Oliveira. After a couple months of searching the last piece of the band, Justin Winter, joined Completely forming As Earth Sleeps.

After a few months of practice and almost completing the EP "Internal Conflict" Daniel decided it was not what he needed at the time. 

A few weeks later Jj Smolenski came to fill the spot as the drummer. No longer feeling the name "As Earth Sleeps" fit them the 5-piece decided to rebrand as Hollow Betrayal.

The bands first show was on November 24th, 2017, following shortly after with the release of the EP "Internal Conflict" on January 12th, 2018. 

At the end of 2018 after dozens of show together Gauvin decided to take his leave to focus on his new project, feeling it fit him much better. 

Early in 2019 Chris Young stepped up to once again complete the Line-up and fill the Second Guitar position. continuing into 2019 the band has been focused on writing their upcoming album, and perfecting their live performance. 

Andrew Oliveira - Vocals

Jacob Caron - Bass/Vocals

Justin Winter - Drums

Chris Young - Guitar

For all booking: hollowbetrayal@gmail.com